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Now Reading: Crack the Code: How to Find ZIP Codes with Ease 


Crack the Code: How to Find ZIP Codes with Ease 

April 19, 20232 min read

Navigating Dubai’s ZIP codes can be a hassle. Having the correct ZIP code when filling out a postal address is essential to ensure the timely delivery of your packages and mail. While the zip code for Dubai is officially listed as ‘00000’, this is only sometimes the case. These uncomplicated 4 steps help you know how to find a Zip code in Dubai with ease. 

Step 1: Check the Dubai Central Postal Code

Dubai’s Central Postal Code is 337-1500, which can be used as your ZIP code. This code applies to all areas in Dubai, making it a convenient option. However, this code might not be as accurate as other approaches.

Step 2: Use the Makani Number

The Makani Number is a unique code assigned to each building in Dubai. You can find your Makani Number by visiting the Dubai Municipality website and entering your building’s details. Once you have your Makani Number, you can use it to determine your ZIP code with more precision.

Step 3: Check with Your Building Management

Your building management may have your ZIP code on file if you live in a residential building. Always make sure you have the correct code by double-checking with them. They can also give you any extra information you require.

Step 4: Use Mumtaz Speed or Jumeirah Postal Code

If you cannot find your ZIP code using the above methods, try using Mumtaz Speed Postal Code or Jumeirah Postal Code. Mumtaz Speed Postal Code is 337-1243, and Jumeirah Postal Code is 337-1500. These codes can be used depending on your location.In conclusion, finding the correct zip code in Dubai is essential to ensure that your mail and packages are delivered promptly and efficiently. You can easily find the right zip code for your location using the Makani system and other postal codes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Emirates Post for additional assistance.


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